Bend Labs 3D Glove PVC LabelThe many uses of PVC labels goes beyond backpacks and outdoors stuff… they have so many uses.

Our customers at Bend Labs love them as well,  just take a peek at one of their products, a VR glove.

3D PVC Labels for GlovesAbout Bend Labs

Their Mission Statement is Simple:
To Bring Real Time Movement to the Virtual World

Our Inspiration is the Virtual World
And Our Goals are similar
To Build the World`s Best Virtual Reality Glove

They have been in business for about 4 years now
Their upcoming projects are to build the first and best Virtual Reality Glove in comfort, design, durability, and functionality.
People can find out about us and watch demo videos at

About Working with Linx Corporation

“Our experience working with you was great. I love all the communication and your team is really precise in making orders right the first time. Which is important when working with molds. I wasn’t really sure how long it would take to get my custom made PVC labels made, but they came earlier than I expected. Anytime I had questions I could just email Linx and my emails were answered that very day. I already re ordered more labels and look forwards to working with Linx for all our label needs.”

Arianna –