Do Not Sell Your Craft Online! 5 Things You Will Need First

We love what we do: sewing, needle crafts, paper crafts, all of it (or any of it) so much that we are willing to jump in and start offering our products online. But before we do so, it is recommended we make sure we are actually READY to do it, or we could be […]


Is Following Your Passion a Recipe for Disaster?

Some people start a business [or any other life adventure] without feeling that “passion” about it, and when the inevitable hard times arrive, they just bail on it and the project fails. All business and No heart. But what about All Heart and No Business? Do you have better chances to succeeding? Not according to […]


Embrace the slow times: Your busy ones will appreciate it

It is easy to get desperate during the slow times: we all have bills to pay and the only thought of our dreams not to become a reality is frightening.

However, a long time ago we learned that there are situations out of our control and it is useless to worry about them.

What if instead […]

Are Online Retailers Prepared for the 2014 Holiday Shipping Debacle?

If you are a local seller and are trying to “compete” with online retailers, you will be glad to know that even though after last year’s shipping disaster they promised it would “never happen again” a recent article published in Forbes explains how those are just empty promises and the majority of online retailers […]


6 Ways to Build Your Relationship With Other Etsy Sellers

There is one missing factor in having an Online Store: the human factor. The chatting, advice exchange, opinions, been-there-done-that unsolicited advice, that although we don’t like hearing we end up apopreciating, the spreading the voice about your business, your products and endless amount of benefits in your personal life.

But don’t despair, the folks at […]

How To Get More People To Read Your Blog Posts

If you recently started a blog for your online store or website, just because everyone tells you: blogging is a MUST if you want to succeed online, if you want to attract customers to your website, you want people to trust you.
So you wrote a blog or two, maybe even 20 -and this took […]

8 Tips To Get Noticed on Pinterest

Keeping on the Pinterest note, we thought it would be a good idea to share more ideas on how to make the best from it.
Warning: Pinterest can be addicting. And we are running a business here.
There is just not enough time on the day to run a successfull business, make products, plan events and […]

Top 10 Tips For Etsy (Artfire, Bonanza….) Sellers

It doesn’t matter in which website you offer your crafts and products: Etsy, Artfire, Bonanza (I know I am missing a few of them) ANY online store or marketplace shop listing can and will improve if you apply any – or all- of these tips.
From marketing, production, customer relationships, networking with other crafters and […]

Holiday Marketing for Start-Ups, Big Retailer Style

Are you wondering what The Big Retailers are doing this holiday season, to make it a profitable one?
After all, 91% of marketers surveyed said the will use email for their holiday marketing campaigns, what tells us that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to jump on the email vanwagon.
But they are not using […]

Are You on Pinterest? Why and How to do It Right Now!

Crafter, Hobbiests, Fashionists, Moms, Business People, DIYers, Photo Enthusiasts. What do they have in common?

They meet together on Pinterest almost every day!

Fun, engaging, easy. useful. What else do you want from a picture-based social bookmarking site?

What about the ability of adding your products, with price and all, and send them to your website!

Being a […]