Buying Guide for Custom Clothing Labels


  1. Style

    We can help you make any of these styles, click here to compare them.

  2. Size

    As our name states, we are clothing label manufacturers, we can make your labels on almost any size you wish. If you are unsure about which size is best for your garments, take a peek at the image below, we hope it can be useful to you.

  3. Fonts for Clothing Labels

    When you are creating your labels, you want to use fonts that will work well together and they will look good on a label (which is not usually that large), so we just handpicked a few of them to help you out:
    Some other newer fonts we have found to work well for clothing labels are:

  4. Colors
  5. Folds
  6. Sewing Allowance

Product Labelling

Labelling your products can feel like an overwhelming task at times: On one hand you have your desire of adding a label to brand your products, which you SHOULD DO, and on the other hand you have your duty of adding size, care & content, place of origin  labels to inform the buyer, some impossed by FTC regulations, which you MUST DO:

“Labels containing fiber content, country of origin, the identification of the manufacturer, importer, or other dealer, and care instructions must be present at the time the end user takes possession of the good. Labels containing care instructions must be attached permanently to the item. ” Source: FTC website

So basically your product could have as many as 5 labels on it, or as little as 2, if  you want to play with a combination of them, such as:

  • Individual labels:(1)Logo or Brand Label, (2)Fiber Content, (3)Country of Origin, (4)Manufacturer (if different than Brand) and (5)Care Instructions.
  • Combinations:
    • (1)Logo or Brand + Country of Origin Label, (2)Fiber Content + Care Instructions, (3) Size Label (if needed)
    • (1)Logo or Brand + Size + Country of Origin Label, (2)Fiber Content + Care Instructions

Or any combination as it fits your product.