Types of Folds

One of the important factors to decide when creating your custom clothing labels is the fold, some of them are available to certain styles.

Let’s illustrate them with a small sample of some previously made labels.

Straight Cut / No Fold Labels

These labels are not folded and can be sewn from anywhere. Most edges will not fray, as they will be heat-cut.
Available for both woven and printed labels.

Centerfold Labels

Center-fold labels are labels that are folded in the middle of the label. They are also called loop or mid-fold labels. They are usually found on the inside of the garment, such as the neck of a t-shirt, as a brand name or logo label, or on the inside of the garment as a care and content label, and lately the very popular hem tag, which is sewn on the outside bottom seam of a t-shirt, with the label encased in the hem.
Available for both woven and printed labels.

Ends-Fold Labels

Ends-Fold Labels are labels whose ends are folded (usually a 1/4″ fold) so the ends look smooth finished. They are very commonly used in printed labels of natural materials, to protect the fragile edges from fraying.
Available for both woven labels.

Mitre-Fold Labels

Mitre-Fold is a ends-fold fold done at 45 degrees, creating two tabs from where the label will be attached to the garment.
Available for both woven labels.

Manhattan Fold Labels

Manhattan fold is a combination of ends-fold and center fold, creating a label with 3 folds, which can be used as an outside hem tag, and will provide a smooth look as both visible ends will be folded.
Available only for woven labels.

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