As a small business owner, making a decision about using a new or different type of branding product, such as Soft PVC Labels can be scary.

Sometimes when we get scared or are uncertain we just get paralyzed and make NO decision at all.

If this sounds like you, this postt is for you.

We have compiled some representative samples of PVC labels to give you a better idea of what is and is not possible to accomplish with them.

And We have called it”

Great PVC Labels To Inspire You

1. Goose Labels: One Mold – Two Versions

A great way of getting both a customized look and save money while at it, PVC products are a great option for anyone who likes versatility and lots of color combinations!

Once your first mold is done, you can use it to create different color versions of your labels, to match your product colors, different markets, styles and looks.

2. Dexko Construction Services PVC Label

A great way to include branding in your “outdoor man”, tough and hard working jackets, bags, etc. Just a quick sewing around and it is done!