8 Tips To Get Noticed on Pinterest

Keeping on the Pinterest note, we thought it would be a good idea to share more ideas on how to make the best from it.
Warning: Pinterest can be addicting. And we are running a business here.
There is just not enough time on the day to run a successfull business, make products, plan events and […]

Are You on Pinterest? Why and How to do It Right Now!

Crafter, Hobbiests, Fashionists, Moms, Business People, DIYers, Photo Enthusiasts. What do they have in common?

They meet together on Pinterest almost every day!

Fun, engaging, easy. useful. What else do you want from a picture-based social bookmarking site?

What about the ability of adding your products, with price and all, and send them to your website!

Being a […]

Make Pinterest Work For You

You have been promoting your products in Pinterest (and who isn’t, right?) but you might find that although it is a fun thing to do, you know, browsing around and clicking on beautiful pictures, it can ¬†sometimes be like a black hole: it sucks you in in a sea of pins and favorites and […]