6 Steps To Make Your Product Descriptions More Enticing

Whether you sale your products in an online marketplace, or you have your own eCommerce Store, you must communicate clearly with your customers, give them enough information to make them understand your products, their characteristics and usage while making them fall in love with them.

Not an easy task some times but there is no reason […]


6 Tips to Make More Money With Your Etsy Store

164 Days / 23 Weeks / 5 Months until Christmas. When do you start getting your shop ready for a Fabulous Christmas Success?

Melanie Ham from Youtube has very practical advice for new and seasoned Etsy Sellers.

1. Don’t sell yourself cheap. Make sure there is a point in the hard work you put into them pays-off. […]


5 Ways to Maximize Sales in Your eCommerce Store

You have given your collection your all. Now you are ready to sell your items but, do you know if your eCommerce Store resonates with your brand?
“Your Brand” experience should be the same whether offline or online, and you MUST pay attention to it, even if you are not a computer whiz, if someone […]


Embrace the slow times: Your busy ones will appreciate it

It is easy to get desperate during the slow times: we all have bills to pay and the only thought of our dreams not to become a reality is frightening.

However, a long time ago we learned that there are situations out of our control and it is useless to worry about them.

What if instead […]

Are Online Retailers Prepared for the 2014 Holiday Shipping Debacle?

If you are a local seller and are trying to “compete” with online retailers, you will be glad to know that even though after last year’s shipping disaster they promised it would “never happen again” a recent article published in Forbes explains how those are just empty promises and the majority of online retailers […]


6 Ways to Build Your Relationship With Other Etsy Sellers

There is one missing factor in having an Online Store: the human factor. The chatting, advice exchange, opinions, been-there-done-that unsolicited advice, that although we don’t like hearing we end up apopreciating, the spreading the voice about your business, your products and endless amount of benefits in your personal life.

But don’t despair, the folks at […]

How To Get More People To Read Your Blog Posts

If you recently started a blog for your online store or website, just because everyone tells you: blogging is a MUST if you want to succeed online, if you want to attract customers to your website, you want people to trust you.
So you wrote a blog or two, maybe even 20 -and this took […]

Holiday Marketing for Start-Ups, Big Retailer Style

Are you wondering what The Big Retailers are doing this holiday season, to make it a profitable one?
After all, 91% of marketers surveyed said the will use email for their holiday marketing campaigns, what tells us that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to jump on the email vanwagon.
But they are not using […]

5 Tips to Rock Your Online Store at a Craft Show

Do you know that more and more, people are looking for unique gifts at Local Craft Shows?

The recent spike in support to all Handmade ins USA is exciting new to all of us crafters and start-ups.

So, congratulations on taking the initiative of showing your products at that Local Craft Show!

We are sure you have […]

Getting Your Etsy Shop Ready for the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us, is everywhere. It can be such a daunting task to get ourselves and our shops ready on time!

Let’s get our heads out of the minutia we are dealing with and read advice by Etsy experts, which range from getting your shop and product pages ready, including the forecasted product trends (don’t […]