woven labels


Center Fold Woven Labels: Logo + Care All in One

We have always been fans of minimalism, especially when we are talking at getting more value for your money.

Why spend more money and have the inconvenience of attaching 2 different labels to your product when you can have 1 label do it all: Say hello to centerfold woven labels.

If you are new to product […]

text only woven labels

Text-Only Woven Labels: McCarthy

When branding your products, sometimes less is more. The idea of branding is to have people remember your name first, and second to associate your name with a certain style, quality and value.
This is all possible with Woven labels, there is really not need for your label to be so crammed with colors, logos […]

woven labels for medical apparel

Custom Woven Labels for Medical Apparel

A beautiful set of woven labels custom made for a medical apparel manufacturer.

Straight-cut, center-fold, ends-fold labels… Almost as many label designs as available types of folds. 🙂