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We Love Them! – CustomClothinglabels.com

Bend Labs 3D Glove PVC Label

3D PVC Labels for Gloves

The many uses of PVC labels goes beyond backpacks and outdoors stuff… they have so many uses.

Our customers at Bend Labs love them as well,  just take a peek at one of their products, a VR glove.

About Bend Labs
Their Mission Statement is Simple:
To Bring Real Time Movement to the Virtual World

Our Inspiration is the […]


A Beautiful Font for Branding Your Clothing Line’s Labels

3 Amazing font package that contains 3 styles of fonts (Sans, Serif & Script) that work together beautifully.

This should be the future of typefaces: fonts that were designed to work together. So, no more wasted time using in browsing fonts and fonts.

Font: Bloomsbury – Script, Sans & Serif

Selling on: Creative Market


Great PVC Labels To Inspire You

As a small business owner, making a decision about using a new or different type of branding product, such as Soft PVC Labels can be scary.

Sometimes when we get scared or are uncertain we just get paralyzed and make NO decision at all.

If this sounds like you, this postt is for you.

We have compiled […]

text only woven labels

Text-Only Woven Labels: McCarthy

When branding your products, sometimes less is more. The idea of branding is to have people remember your name first, and second to associate your name with a certain style, quality and value.
This is all possible with Woven labels, there is really not need for your label to be so crammed with colors, logos […]


Sundli – A simple approach to branding

Being in this business for more than 10 years, we have seen it all: large intricate labels, tiny simple labels, and everything in between. While some people think their labels need to include everything under the sun, others look at their brand labels with the “branding” in mind.
Bright and “simple” this label does its […]

woven labels for medical apparel

Custom Woven Labels for Medical Apparel

A beautiful set of woven labels custom made for a medical apparel manufacturer.

Straight-cut, center-fold, ends-fold labels… Almost as many label designs as available types of folds. :)