Custom Woven Labels

Woven Labels Will Give Your Products the Professional Look You Want

They are that final touch that completes all your hard work and your attention to details: those little tags are the first thing people look at when the grab your product from a display.

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Want to Find Out More About Woven Labels?

When you are looking for a way to take your products to the next level, you think branding. And in the world of apparel and accessories, there is nothing more than will convey 'professional' as a woven label.

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What Makes Our Woven Labels So Special?

  • They are soft and smooth to the skin.
  • Their edges are heat-cut (or heat-sealed) so they won’t fray.
  • Can be made in practically any height and length, custom made to fit your product.
  • Use up to 12 thread colors, you will be free to use as many colors as you need.
  • Made with polyester threads, for lasting, bright colors.
  • Multiple Fold Styles available: no-folds, centerfold, end-fold, mitre fold, gives you versatility.

What Clients Say

I received the labels today, they are perfect! Thank you so much. Hopefully I’ll be reordering soon!”
Connie Z., Second Chance Couture

Woven Labels Gallery

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What are your options?

Types of Woven Labels

Types of Woven Labels

Taffeta Labels: thick threads & low density.
Damask Labels: thin threads & high density.

High Def. Labels: very thin threads & very high density.

The Right Label Size

The Right Label Size

Too small? Too large? There are certain conventions about the appropriate size of a label, according to the product it will be on and its placement. The size of your label will greatly determine the amount of detail it will be possible (legible) on it.

About Sewing Allowances

About Sewing Allowances

Sewing Allowance is the padding used to attach the label to the product. The most common allowances are 1/8″ and 1/4″, depending on the product and on the seamstress. The position of the sewing allowance varies and it depends on the customer’s requirements and on the product.

Types of Folds

Types of Folds

  • Straight-Cut
  • Center Fold
  • Ends Fold
  • Mitre Fold
  • Manhattan Fold
Most Common Fonts

Most Common Fonts

Bold & simple designs work great in small sizes.
Script seems to be the most asked for font style.

Samples of Good and Bad Contrasting Colors

Color Samples

Our thread selection is very large, we will most likely find a “perfect match” for your chosen colors.

  • Brown-earthy tones: off-white
  • Soft and sheen blacks, and other backgrounds
  • Bold & Bright Neon Colors
  • Fun and classy, metallic threads

Pricing for Woven Damask Clothing Labels

  • Packages
  • Average Size
  • 1″
  • 1.5″
  • 2″
  • 2.5″
  • 3″
  • Starter
  • 100pcs.
  • $145
  • $155
  • $165
  • $175
  • $195
  • Small Biz.
  • 250pcs.
  • $167
  • $195
  • $210
  • $220
  • $235
  • Professional
  • 500pcs.
  • $210
  • $220
  • $250
  • $275
  • $300
  • Champion
  • 1000pcs.
  • $330
  • $345
  • $355
  • $370
  • $395