Being in this business for more than 10 years, we have seen it all: large intricate labels, tiny simple labels, and everything in between. While some people think their labels need to include everything under the sun, others look at their brand labels with the “branding” in mind.

Bright and “simple” this label does its job: Create a memorable impression in the customer’s mind.

And who is to say all of your labels must include extensive details about your business?


Why can’t you have one label with a version of your logo and your website and another one that is bold and simple that you can use in a more exposed area of your product, such as a sleeve, neck or hem?

We think you can, and you should!

Why? Event though we all infuse our business and our creations with our own unique touches, we all face the challenge of standing out from the crowd. It is not easy but, we can all but try.

For example, let’s look at  the t-shirt business: millions of sellers, designs, endless combinations; you have to compete with domestic and international companies with marketing budgets much larger than ours.

But do you know what gets people’s attention? Unusual things like… a little extra tag that wraps around the sleeve or bottom hem, or even around the neck. I know every time I see one my friends shirts with one of those tags sticking out, I look more than once at it. Don’t you?

We have put some packages together, to help you Stand Out from the Crowd!