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Custom Suit Labels

Tailors are the artists of elegance. Instead of canvas, oils and brushes they use fabric, needles and thread. The suits they make are seen as artworks or, sometimes, as master pieces. Then.. Why shouldn’t they sign them on? Luckily , that’s what custom suit labels were made for!

We have more than 15 years now helping tailors, fashion designers and entrepreneurs to build their brands.

Therefore, if you are looking for custom labels for your suits, with us you are in good hands.

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Labeling Suits

First of all, what kind of suit are you working with? Is it a double or single breasted suit? Is it for dinner, for wedding, or just for business? are we talking about a Lounge, a Tuxedo or a Mandarin one? The type of label design should match the type of suit.

Then you have several suit parts.

The label used for shirts is not exactly the same as the one used for jackets, sizes and shapes varies from a type of garment to another.

The same happens with the labels used for identifying pants, vests, blazers, ties and/or pocket squares if so.

Choosing the right logo, font type and color chart is key for achieving the look that best match your clothing line and target audience, weather sophisticated, smart, casual or any other in between.

Tuxedo Suit

Types of Labels for Suits

When it comes to men’s suits, clothing labels play an important role in identifying the brand, quality, and style of the garment. There are various types of clothing labels that are commonly used in men’s suits, and each serves a different purpose.

One of the most common labels found on men’s suits is the brand label. This label typically features the brand’s logo and name and can be found on the inside of the jacket, waistcoat, or trousers. It serves as a way to identify the maker of the suit and can be used to determine its authenticity.

Another important label found on men’s suits is the care label. This label contains information about how to care for the suit, including washing instructions and recommended dry cleaning methods. It is typically found on the inside of the jacket or trousers and can be useful in maintaining the suit’s appearance and prolonging its lifespan.

For three-piece suits, there may also be a label specific to the waistcoat or vest. This label can indicate the material used in the construction of the waistcoat, such as silk or wool, and may include care instructions specific to the waistcoat.

In addition to these labels, there may be size labels, composition labels, and country of origin labels. 

Size labels indicate the measurements of the suit and can be found on the inside of the jacket or trousers. 

Composition labels indicate the materials used in the suit, such as wool or polyester. 

Country of origin labels indicate where the suit was manufactured.

In addition to the classic three-piece suit, there are also several other styles of suits for men that have their own unique features and labeling. 

One such style is the lounge suit, which is a more casual type of suit typically worn for business or everyday occasions. Labels for lounge suits may include brand labels, size labels, and composition labels indicating the materials used in the suit, which can include wool, cotton, or blends.

Another popular style of suit is the tuxedo, also known as a dinner suit. Tuxedos are typically worn for more formal events such as weddings or black-tie affairs and feature a satin lapel and satin stripes on the trousers. Labels for tuxedos may include brand labels, size labels, and care labels indicating that the suit should be dry cleaned only.

A less common but equally stylish type of suit is the Mandarin suit, also known as a Chinese suit or Nehru suit. This type of suit features a mandarin collar instead of a traditional lapel and is often made from lightweight fabrics such as linen or silk.

Labels for Mandarin suits may include brand labels, size labels, and composition labels indicating the type of fabric used in the suit.

Overall, regardless of the type of suit, clothing labels play an important role in identifying the brand, quality, and care instructions for the garment. By paying attention to these labels, men can ensure that they are investing in a suit that fits well, looks great, and lasts for years to come.

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Custom Suits San Diego CA


Rob Butler is definetly an artist. His work for menswear includes not only suits but also sport coats and shirts, trousers, dress shirts, coats, knits, neckwear (bowties), belts, socks and even cuff links.

Since the year 2011 he has been ordering different types of woven labels with us, according to each of his products.



A couple of high definition damask labels, the big one at the upper side was ment for the suit and measures 1.5″x 3.5″ the other one is a square one of 1.5″ per side, made to fit the Tessaro shirts clothing line.

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