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Custom PVC Labels – Soft Rubber & Silicone Labels

Nothing like custom PVC label to let the world know that you are all in the market!

Make your products POP with a soft rubber label

Soft and rubbery to the touch used for branding products of all types.
Soft PVC Labels are especially good for outdoor products and clothing.
By adding a sewing channel on the labels, they are easy to sew onto any product, just as easy as attaching a label of any type. PMS colors can be matched to your design.

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sixty b&w pvc label
6Sixty Apparel.

B&W PVC Label, 2D Design + 2 Colors, Thickness: 2.5mm, Sewing Channel, Plain Back

delta leash pvc label
Delta Leash

2D Design + 5 Colors, Thickness: 2.5mm, Sewing Channel, Plain Back, Size: 3.75″ x 1.25″

goose pvc labels
Goose TM

2D Design + 3 color, Thickness: 2.5mm, Sewing Channel, Plain Back, Size: 3.2″ x 2.0″

2 color set pvc label

2D & 3D Design + 2 colors, + 2 set. 1 Mold Only

Find Out More About PVC Labels

Want to Find Out More About PVC Labels?

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What Makes Our PVC Labels So Special?

  • They will withstand the elements, making them soft and smooth to the skin, yet resistant.
  • Sewing channel available, not extra cost, easy to sew.
  • Can be made in practically any height and length, custom made to fit your product.
  • FREE PMS Color Matching, , you will be free to use your colors, we’ll match against the PMS Coated Color Chart.
  • A look that pops up, your label will look like a 3D design with and without 2D or 3D layers.
  • Our price includes up to 4 colors,  for lasting bright colors.
  • Self-adhesive, Velcro, soft magnet backings available, attaching them your own way.
  • Additional printing available, our production accommodates to your needs.

What are your options?

The Right Label Size

Too small? Too large? There are certain conventions about the appropriate size of a label, according to the product it will be on and its placement. The size of your label will greatly determine the amount of detail it will be possible (legible) on it.

Too small? Too large? There are certain conventions about the appropriate size of a label, according to the product it will be on and its placement. The size of your label will greatly determine the amount of detail it will be possible (legible) on it.

Most Common Fonts

Bold & simple designs work great in small sizes. Script seems to be the most asked for font style.

customer service

Give Us a Call and Ask your Questions Directly to our Customer Service:
Phone: 866-611-6118
9am – 5pm PST

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Custom PVC Labels

How do I attach a Soft PVC Label to my product

Our custom PVC labels are usually sewn(*) to products. But not every soft PVC label can be sewn, it has to have either one or both of the following specs.:
1.The thickness of the base of the label should preferably be less than 1mm.
If the base label is thicker than 1mm (usually 1.5mm or more), it should include a sewing channel, which is nothing but a thinner rim around the label, about 1mm in width and usually of less than 1mm in thickness.

Why do Soft PVC Labels Need a Sewing Channel?

Because otherwise, it would be impossible for a needle to go through the material without breaking after a few applications. Soft rubber, although not as dense as other materials, is still thick enough that can slow down the sewing process.

How Do You Recommend I Attach My Soft PVC Labels to My Product?

By far, the most recommended method of attaching is sewing them to your product. Why? It is a permanent, stronger, long lasting solution. Unlike Self-Adhesive Backing (which has its uses), there is nothing like thread and needle to make sure your labels will be “forever” attached to your product.
You can also add a self-adhesive backing, at an extra charge.

What’s the Difference between woven and PVC labels?

The main difference is the material, polyester threads vs soft PVC, how this can help your decision process is the fact that PVC labels will withstand almost EVERY type of weather, use and abuse.
PVC products will not fade or unravel, they are great for anything exposed to inclement weather, from boat covers, canvas an awnings, to backpacks, bags, vests, jackets, hats, they simply will look the same year after year, so your brand will almost outlast the natural lifespan of your product. 

How Do I Order My Custom Labels?
Send us the details of your project.

1. Your Sales Rep will send your price within 1 Business Day for you to Review and Approve.
2. Review and Approve your Artwork Proof: 1-2 Business Days (PMS Color Chart – Color Matching available)
3. Review and Approve Your Production Art: 2-3 Business Days .
4.Review and Approve Your Sample: Sample Time 5 Days for Digital Proofs. (Mold Fee Applies)
5. We Manufacture Your PVC Labels: Production Time: 3 weeks

PVC Labels (108)
Expert Professionals

Want to Learn More About Soft Rubber PVC Labels?

Although we have an automated process, we also have people behind the phones ready to solve every single question you have.

Customer Reviews

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4.7/5 – Based on 53 Reviews

  • PVC Label 2D Design
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "Products are of the highest quality, the customer service is the absolute best, Rosana, and her team are a pleaser to work with."
  • PVC Tags
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "Great job as always!"
  • PVC Label 2D Design
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "Great customer service and communication! They definitely want to make sure they get it right for you. Product delivered is exactly as ordered and described!"
  • PVC Label
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    " Greatest product, very good communicators, on schedule delivery."
  • PVC Label
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "The service was great and the pricing is competitive. There were a couple instances where I had to delay my project for a week or two, but LINX Corporation was very flexible in working with me. Last but not least the logos I received were exactly as promised."
  • PVC Label / 3D Design
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "The quality is great."

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