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Woven Labels for Handmade Items

So You Need Woven Labels For Handmade Items…
You have worked so hard in your product, every detail has been carefully crafted: fabrics, yarns, stitching, colors.
And now it is ready to be sold.
Or is it?
Is your product correctly branded?

woven labels for handmade items

Meet our Friend Mary, The Handbag Designer

We’ve seen it happening: we are walking thru a fair or tradeshow and we see it:

A beautiful blue handbag that we just cannot take our eyes of, we love it, we grab it, pay for it and take it home with us. Yey! :)

Then we have our friend, cousin, relative’s birthday coming up and we think about giving them one of those beautiful handbags we got at that street fair.

Now let’s take a look at two scenarios:

The Designer Who Thought She Didn’t Need to Label Her Handbags


Our friend designer thought it was a hassle, and too expensive (she didn’t need that many) to make custom labels for her bags so she just didn’t get any.
So we look inside-and-out of our “beautiful handcrafted handbag” and there it is: nothing.

Nothing! No brand name, no website, phone, email … nothing!

How do we contact the maker of this beautiful item? We can’t. And we now have to find another gift to give our loved one. Sniff, sniff.

The Designer Who Made Sure There Was a Professional Looking label permanently attached in each one of her bags


The designer who spent a little more on her products, building a brand, a business, got the sale.
Now let’s picture the other side of this story: the one where the handbag was correctly branded: Brand Name and a way to contact them (website URL, email address, phone number), placed permanently somewhere on the bag.

There we are, looking for the label: we look inside the bag, look in the inside pocket and voila! There it is, a nice label with a beautiful logo and some contact info: we look at the info, contact the maker and arrange a visit to purchase one or two more items from this incredible and unique designer.

Does your label need to be of a specific size, or style, such as woven or printed? (maybe even Soft Rubber or PVC)

Not necessarily, although woven labels do increase de perceived value of your products, the important thing is to make sure your products HAVE A LABEL and it is permanently attached to them.

Which story do you like better?

We certainly like the last one. The one where the designer sold more articles and increased her business reach.
We believe that in order to succeed, we got to believe in ourselves first.

If we want the world to think our products are beautiful , if we want our business to succeed, we must give it all to it.
And therefore we build a brand: we create an image for our business, a logo, a design, colors, fonts, tagline. And the new plaster all of that everywhere: business cards, flyers, posters, booth material, labels , hangtags, website.

E v e r y w h e r e.

Because we want you to succeed!

How will high quality woven labels help you succeed?

  • By associating your brand with professional quality, look and materials.
  • By telling the world: Our maker believed in her project enough to risk a little budget in us. And she has good taste 

How Do You Know Woven Labels are The Right Choice for Your Handmade Items?

You can request a sample package, and we will mail it to you free of charge. We will include a variety of woven labels for your review: sizes, styles, folds and designs that will help you evaluate the quality and imagine what will your product look like once you attach your custom labels to it.

We firmly believe that

“Professional Woven Labels are a Must for Your Handmade Items Business”

Have a wonderful and productive day.

Don’t forget it is the law for your products to include a permanent garment care label.

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