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Finding the right font for your label can be really annoying and time consuming as well. Just search in Google for ”fonts for labels”, you will get more than 1,000,000 results!

This can be specially hard in the clothing and fashion industry where there are a lot of brands competing to stand out from the others.

Besides, out there you can find thousands and thousands of different kinds of fonts. How to know which of them better fits our needs/style?



A little contribution for helping people orientate in the Fonts for labels Universe!

Sadly, when talking about design no body have the last word.

If it is true that, somehow, as a designer, you have to trust in your intuition, it is also true that there are certain fonts that the market itself have historically preferred among others, because of their readability and singular features which we will cover in detail below.

Fonts can be classified in 4 different groups: Serif, Sans serif, Script and Decorative. Currently this last group is the largest one and because they are not as easy to read as the others we won’t include theme here.

Ladies and Gentleman, with no further delay, here it is the final list of the 30 best font families for labels ideal for your clothing line!!

(Applauses :D)

10 Free Script Font Types recommended for clothing labels:

Also found as handwriting or cursive fonts, the Script type refers to those fonts which characters seem to be joined somehow by a line or stroke. Nevertheless not all script fonts presents this feature, others just try to emulate handwriting or organic writing. We can divide this group in other groups like the following: formal scripts, Calligraphic Scripts, Blackletter & Lombardic Scripts and Casual Scripts.

Our recommendation for clothing labels:

Medium to large size text. 12pt and larger. Great for the main company name.

10 Elegant, Classic and Gorgeous Fonts for labels with Serif

Maybe you are wondering: What is a serif? Serif fonts are distinguishable because of a little stroke added to the main shape of each character, that’s the so called serif. This group can be also divided in four others: Transitional Serifs, Neoclassical & Didone Serifs, Slab Serifs, Clarendon Serifs, Glyphic Serifs.

Our recommendation for clothing labels:

Medium to large size text. 12pt and larger. Also Great for the main company name.

10 Awesome, Up to Date, Simple yet beautiful Fonts for Labels without Serif (Sans-Serif)

As we already explained what defines a serif font this no need other explanation. Sans Serif or without serif fonts can be ordered in four other groups, these are: Grotesque Sans Serif, Square Sans Serif, Geometric Sans Serif and Humanistic Sans Serif.

Our recommendation for clothing labels:

Great for small text, from 7pt and up. I.e.

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