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How To Put Your Own Label on Clothing?

There are several ways how to put your own label on clothing.

The methods available will vary depending on the type of brand labels you have and on the type of resources you count with. However, in short they can be divided in three main categories: Sewing, Without sewing and tagging

Warning: Be warned that if your label has any kind of folds, you will have to sew it on, as the backing will be “hidden” inside the fold.

Without any further ado, here they are: 8 best answers to How to put your own labels on clothing.

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1. How to sew labels on clothes

The techniques may vary, but there are only 2 options, for attaching your labels to sweaters, shorts, pants, shirts, t-shirts, dress or whatever type of clothing line you be producing or planning to sell: hand sewing and machine sewing.

1.1 How to Sew On Labels by Hand?

This is an excelent choice for those with a lot of time and patience. Nevertheless it is not recommended for labeling a large amount of clothing products. If that’s your case pass on directly to the next bullet.

a. How to Hand Sew End-Folded Labels

As we said at the beginning of this article, folded labels cannot be attached with adhesive. They have to be sewn by hand or using a sewing machine there is no other way so far.

Otherwise, you will enjoy the following video tutorial where Judy Graham explains how to hand sew an end folded label on to a knitted garment.

TIP: Save time by pulling the thread thru the back of the label, instead of cutting it.

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b. How to Hand Sew Center-Folded Labels

Use a pin to set the label in place and sew the label on a hem of your t-shirt, on the neck, sleeve, pocket or wherever you want it to be.

The following video is the best we have found to learn how to hand sew a center fold label. The example is made using a center fold care label which is sewn on a knit. The explanation is very clear, they use a helpful, well lit shot. Thanks to knitpicks!

TIP: Center-fold labels are easy to stitch: you will only need to sew them from the open side of label. Voila!

1.2 How to sew labels with a sewing machine

Luckily, nowadays there are all kind of affordable sewing machines available out there, besides you can use an embroidery machine to automate the process and even an special label sewing machine.

The following video covers all the basics of how to sew a label using a sewing machine and it is an excellent point where to start.

TIP: Order pre-folded end-labels or center-fold labels to save time at the time of sewing.

2. How to attach fabric without sewing

Many people ask us: how to attach fabric to fabric without sewing? or how to put a patch on a shirt without sewing? is that possible?


You can attach fabric to fabric without sewing by using fabric glue or using double sided heatpress tape.

Nevertheless, there are other methods to do this according to the type of surface you be working with and to the type of backing your label or patch come with:

  • Iron-on backing
  • Stick-on backing
  • Plain backing
How To Put Your Own Label on Clothing?
These tutorials will also work to learn how to sew a patch.
Anyway, for more about the subject you can also visit how to attach patches.

2.1 How to Iron on labels for clothing

Iron-on fabric labels are very practical, easy to use and they will adhere greatly to your items.

Although not necessary, you can mix both methods, first iron them on and then sew them into place. However, you have to be careful and make sure your item is not made out of a fabric that is heat sensitive, or you will risk to damaged it with the heat from the iron.

How to Iron on labels for clothing

That being said let’s review the 4 main steps to attach iron-on clothing labels:

  1. Set the iron on cotton mode or take the heat level to a medium point.
  2. Peel the back of the label if necessary. Fix the label to place you want it to be
  3. Apply heat by 10 seconds, then put the iron aside and check the label, do that as many times as required until creating a solid bond.
  4. Let it cool down and wait at least 24 hours before washing and drying

For a more detailed description and a longer explanation take a look at this 8 step process.

TIP: Remember to always use a piece of fabric between your garment and the iron. Do not apply the iron directly over your cloth or label, or your will risk damaging your item.

(*) This will also work for iron on patches.

2.2 How to attach stick-on labels

Also called peel and stick labels or self adhesive labels, they come with a thin glue film on the back which will adhere instantly to any kind of fabric surface.

You don’t need any iron, just peal it and stick it!

a. On cloth

When used for identifying your cloth is very practical.

This is an smart solution that help parents to easily differentiate their children’s socks and underwear, commonly washed together.

The downside of this method is that the attached labels will eventually fall down into the washing machine.

b. On furniture

The upside of self adhesive labels woven labels, is that they are great for branding your furniture or upholstery.

In these kind of support peel and stick labels can last a lifetime, at least they won’t fall down that easy.

how to attach fabric without sewing

TIP: Save time by using Adhesive or peel-n-stick labels, they will work great for items that will not be washed.

2.3 Labels with Plain Backing

If your fabric doesn’t have any backing you still have alternatives to Put Your Own Label on Clothing without sewing. Let’s talk for instance about how to attach a label to a hand crafted quilts without sewing.

The possibilities varies from signing directly over a piece of white cotton sewn on one corner of the quilt, to printing or embroidering a design over a piece of fabric and attaching it using double sided heatpress tape as explained in the following video by Fat Quarter Shop.

TIP: Cut the iron-on-on strip shorter that your label so it will not stick to your iron.

3. How to attach Tags

When talking about how to attach tags to cloth you might be referring to two different kind of things.

3.1 How to attach Price Tags or Hang Tags?

On the one hand when people ask How to attach price tags? they look for a tutorial on how to use a ticket gun which you can find right below.

3.2 How to reattach tags?

On the other hand you could also be refering to how to reattach tags? This last is commonly asked after removing the clothing tags to a recently bought clothing item and noticing it doesn’t fit you at all or you don’t like it anymore.

However, with any reasonable excuse or not, you just want to return it to the store. Sadly, the best answer to this tricky question seems to be “buy a tagging gun“, this is at least what we have found at every related forum out there.

In Conclusion, the answer to the question: How To Put Your Own Label on Clothing? Is: It depends, the best way to attach a label or tag may vary depending on what type of material the clothing is made out of, and your sewing abilities (or lack of) so be sure to try different methods until you find one that works well for your specific situation.

Once you have this part of the puzzle figured out, or if you need help getting started, please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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